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Sales support programs

We specialize in loyalty programs, the purpose of which is, among others maintaining long-term brand relations with the consumer, which measurably translates into sales growth.

We create programs encouraging close cooperation with the brand, by appreciating repeated commitment and creating even more effective interest in the offer (including through a well-thought-out discount policy, attractive bonuses, promotions and rewards), to creating tools to improve shopping / use of services, settlements or document workflow.

Based on data processing, we offer effective and perfectly matched:

  • simple and functional loyalty programs, the purpose of which is long-term cooperation with the client and building loyalty with the brand for years
  • pro-consumer actions in the form of, inter alia, lotteries and competitions, which – apart from measurable benefits from increasing sales of specific products in a given period of time – build the image of an attractive and friendly brand in the eyes of the target customer.
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